The Frank McCabe Memorial Leadership Fund Application

Eligibility Requirements: Maryland Registered Republican, 18 or 

older and meet the requirements for elected office. 

1. Name:_________________________________________

   Name of Organization* Applying if applicable:


2. Address:_______________________________________

3. City:_____________________ Zip__________________

4. Email:_________________________________________

5. Phone(s):__________________Cell:__________________

6. Elected Office Seeking:___________________________

7. Campaign Manager (if known):


8. Campaign Treasurer (if known): ________________________________________________

9. Campaign Address (if known): ________________________________________________

10. Class, Workshop, etc. _____________________________

How would this class benefit you?______________________________________________


11. Cost of above**: _________________________________

12. Class being conducted by (i.e. RNC):___________________


If a candidate, please include a general resume that includes political 


*Organizations, clubs, etc. may apply for a grant to be used for 

  training classes, workshops, etc. 

**Checks will be made out to the organization providing 

instruction/class/workshop, etc. Please provide name of organization

and address as well as cost. Thank you. 

Please print application and return to:

Frank McCabe Memorial Leadership Fund 

P.O. Box 985

Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732

By Authority: Carolyn Rice, Association Treasurer